Here your are! the first test of ETS PA912 Balun transformer as announced before.

gh3-ntg2 sm

In fact, it is not an audio test. It is the shooting of a “low-budget” ad, but it will show some real life situations with the following setup:

I must confess that I did not pay too much attention to audio. There’s some not-very-nice room reverb, and the mic was almost never well boomed  (in fact, there was no audio guy, no assistants at all). So take into consideration that the context is not optimal, and I think that from this test we can only take general observations:

  1. ETS PA912 balun cable does its job. How well? still couldn’t say but there’s room for great expectations.
  2. I did not notice any sound degradation attributable to ETS PA912. When the sound is not good enough, as far a I can appreciate, it is due to mic properties, room, mounting, operating, etc.
  3. We’ll try to push harder tests. Observations and suggestions on howto are welcomed.

So, the 1st test:



Add yours

  1. Yo pienso que no estuvo mal el sonido. Yo tengo un Rodé NTG 2 y estoy esperando que me llegue el PA 912 para probar igual. Estaré usando una Canon 7D directo. Vamos a ver como sale el audio.

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