In march 12, 2013, I presented a way that could be my salvation to audio in a DSLR system. In that post I talked about a ETSLAN PA912, a cable that transforms Balanced audio signals to Unbalanced. Then I promised to post some tests. I only published a little sample with the Rhode NTG-2 shotgun microphone. Now, a year later and after a lot of projects, I bring you some more examples with diferent mics and situations.

gh3 audio kit front

Rhode NTG-2 mouned on camera.

August morning. Apple trees in between.


Sony ECM66B lavalier mic.

Office building. Sofa Interview.



Sony ECM66B lavalier mic.

Mobile World Center. Barcelona. During a 24h Hackathon (+100 people in the same floor).


Sennheiser ew112p-G3 lavalier wireless mic.

Interviews in a school. Comparison with Rhode NTG-2 shotgun on Rhode camera mount.

  • Ch1 Rhode NTG2 unfiltered, direct from camera recording.
  • Ch2 Sennheiser unfiltered, -6db.



  • I’ve had 0 issues with ETSLAN PA912 Cable, it is great! It is the key of this solution.
  • The sound quality is high, but not perfect. I think it is mostly related to Autogain and electronics in the Lumix Gh3, which is not a high end professional video camera. But it is the best solution I found for this kind of budget.
  • I finally found a system that works for me in Run&Go Documentary projects: Panasonic Lumix Gh3 + Olympus 12-60mm + Etslan PA912 + Rhode NTG-2 Shotgun mic + Sennheiser ew112p-G3 wireless mic.

4in1 audio kit



  1. Kaixo, ¿dónde puedo comprar el Etslan PA912? ¿Sabes de algún otro, también de buena calidad, que se pueda comprar en Amazon o Casanova? Eskerrik asko, Jose Angel

    1. Dentro de este concepto de BALUN, esto es lo mejor que conozco. Lo puedes pedir en:
      Audio Tecnologias
      C/ Almería, 132
      08226TERRASSA (Barcelona) Spain Web:
      Tel: +34 93 168 33 88
      Fax: +34 93 168 33 88

      A partir de aquí ya se trataria de otras soluciones más voluminosas o lo que puede ser una opción excelente (a falta de haberlo probado):

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